Monday, 6 June 2016

An Ibiza workweek

Day 1
Late arrival at the little house where I will be spending the next week in the middle of nowhere, chasing beautiful locations, creating art.

Day 2
Full day shooting and relaxing at the house and swimming pool. It's sooooo beautiful!

Day 3
Getting up before sunrise to shoot with the rising sun above the Mediterranean Sea.
Best thing about life on an island? We ended the day like we started it, with the sun low above the ocean.

Day 4
We're getting up early again to shoot with the morning light. Not sunrise this time, but the soft morning light.

As the sun is climbing higher, we're using the harsher light for underwater photography in this beautiful bay.

Some afternoon fun with watermelon. Sweet and refreshing.

Evening walk to Atlantis, enjoying our last evening on the island. This place was so amazing. Almost impossible to show on photos. If you're up for the climb down and afterwards up again, you should definitely check it out!

Day 5
Time to return home!