Thursday, 11 June 2015

Linda Friesen Couture

New beautiful, dreamy set for designer Linda Friesen Couture, shot by Meredith Thorina Juliana, featuring some beautiful wigs by Insomnium Wigs. I love this set!

It was shot in a park and a lot of people just walked up to us to stare while we were working. You can't see it in the photos, because we had to wait until people moved out of the way again. I find it always weird to model for photography in front of an audience. Not that they bother me, I can easily keep my focus, but I always hate it when bystanders try to sneek some phone shots of me. I find that truly rude and disrespectful! If people would simply ask, I would happily let them take a few shots - if the photographer agrees of course. Luckily, we also got some really nice comments from bystanders, that made up for all the negative things ^_^

If you think bystanders can cause problems whilst shooting, try changing into your next outfit with that same audience. I am the queen of sneek changes! No one noticed! :D