Monday 10 December 2012

Last minute shoot

Found these in my inbox from Dries Vanackere. I love his style. This was a last minute shoot, but I think the results are stunning. Maybe I should do more of them...

Friday 30 November 2012

Young talent

I shot another round with Quinten Onsia today - my brother in law. Though he is still in school, learning the art and craft of photography, he already makes great photos and I love working with him every time. So relaxed.

He had to make photos for a fashion assignment for school, so he came over to my place and we shot two sets in my living room. One with natural light and one with artificial light. He stayed the rest of the day to post process all good photos so I was directly involved. Though for practical reasons this isn't always possible, I do love to get involved in the post process part. I find it hard to choose now though. Please tell me what you think of them!

Artificial light:

Natural light: