Friday 7 June 2013


I don't like seafood. I don't like the taste, I don't like the smell, I don't like how we're destroying our oceans to get seafood. So what a challenge it was to shoot with a real octopus! It was dead of course, once in a while they get caught up in the fishing nets and die. We had to cook it so it would stiffen up. 

Then... they put it on my head. It felt cold, slimy and liquid kept dripping strait into my cleavage. It also kept shifting, so not easy to pose with. They tried pinning it to my head but that didn't really work. As a finishing then they put Avage Sirup on top of it, getting in my eyes, nose, mouth... It was disgusting!
You might not believe it, but I loved this shoot!

Photographer: Gunther Frans
MUA: Stefanie Grootaers