Monday 16 May 2016

On tour: The Netherlands Tour

11 May - The Hague

Meeting up with Bjorn Sagen for a full day's shoot at The Hague, first inside, then outside on the beach with a beautiful sunset.

12 May - Zwolle

Time for my first pole dance lesson.  Haha xD
If you live in or close to zwolle, I can absolutely recommend the class I followed by the lovely Haas! Great teaching skills and unimaginable patience.
I like to pretend that I have a good pole basis from climbing rocks and trees for my art nude work, but when I see this picture I am not so sure anymore xD

13 May - Zwolle & Gorinchem

Afternoon shoot with Juul De Vries in a very serene looking forest, shooting film and practicing my acrobatics while looking serene and trying to ignore my aching body from pole dancing.

And evening shoot with Me-Chiel, shooting my renewed and extended Hadopelagic collection and a sweet pink bubblegum set. (Coming soon)

14 May - Venlo

Shooting with Bob Mans today. A natural light set on location and fashion set in the studio. We had some difficulties shooting the natural light set as the weather was getting very cloudy after the first few days of my tour had been warm and sunny. I still love the results though!
The set in the studio turned out really nice. We used a lot of baby oil for the wet skin look, which made my skin super soft and smell nice.

15 May - Helden

Car trouble made me need to skip one location on this trip, shoot is postponed so I'll write about it soon :)

In the evening I was dancing for All Area Events in Club Palladio in these wonderful outfit!