Tuesday 4 April 2017

On tour: Singapore

Day 1: March 28
  • Two hours after landing I already had my first shoot with Trueheart:


Day 2: March 29
  • Evening shoot with Ed Cheong, using only available light.

Day 3: March 30
  • Jetlag :(

  • Samyr Winds aka Oldschoolstyle

Day 4: March 31
  • Shooting with Alfred NG.

Day 5: April 1
  • Busy day today! Early morning for Ivan See's shootevent.
    Here's one by 1 of the participants Wazza G.:

  • Next up is Todd Allen.

  • And last but not least, my shoot with Raymond Lau.

Day 6: April 2

  • Shooting with Noel McPhoto and his friend in the morning. Hopefully I'll still get some photos because we created some beautiful stuff!

  • In the afternoon I was modelling for Gregory Neo's shootevent.

Day 7: April 3

  • Last day in Singapore was spent with Gert O. by the pool, shooting bikinis for Nawai Ibiza. 

  • And some sightseeing in the afternoon and evening.

That was it for Singapore, off to Bali now!