Sunday 29 November 2015

On Stage: Manuel Albarran

Remember the Maleficent movie? Meet the designer who created part of the outfits! I had the honor to be on stage for Manuel Albarran at Wasteland Party.

Behind the scenes shot without the mask:

On stage with gas masks:

Wednesday 25 November 2015

Termination Redux

I'm in Aborted's new videoclip for their "Termination Redux" single.

--------------------------------WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT--------------------------------

Sunday 22 November 2015

Adamant Amazones

Adamant Amazones is a project by Bart Ramakers about strong women. Red line through the series are vintage and rare cars. There will be a calendar and exhibition about this project.

Opening image of the calendar is an image shot during a previous shoot in a Tesla.

For the first set I was a stylish jewel thieve, wearing a long, black glitter dress. There was no image selected from this set for the calendar as only one image per type of car can be in the calendar. Bart chose an image from the second set for the Mercedes 190SL.

In the second set I was a spy, spending all her time in her car, listening for sensitive information. I'm wearing a wig by Insomnium Wigs.

See the video of the project here:

Monday 2 November 2015

Publication: Signature

Let me present to you, The Signature Collection. I designed and created 3 silhouettes for William De Ridder's fall/winter hair collection. I got some beautiful beauty shots for his collection, but wanted to show more of my outfits. So here are the results from my shoot with Mew-Chiel, showing off the entire design. Special thanks to Lara Aimée for the beautiful edits! <3

Observant readers will notice that the designs wear a close resemblance to the dress I showed in my "Bodybinds and other new designs" blogpost. That's because I reworked the original dress into the second dress you can see here. I started on the dress a few years ago, but never quite decided on the details, until I started working on this collection.

The editorial is published in Kirameki Mag, get your copy here.
They misspelled my name again, that's two in a row. Third one buys me a beer!

Silk, wetlook spandex and crocheted lace are the main fabrics used. Boy did I sweat on the silk! It looks so gorgeous when finished, but it was one of the most difficult fabrics I ever worked with, because it's so light and flowy. Cutting a straight line was nearly impossible! Makes me extra happy to see the results! ^_^