Monday, 2 November 2015

Publication: Signature

Let me present to you, The Signature Collection. I designed and created 3 silhouettes for William De Ridder's fall/winter hair collection. I got some beautiful beauty shots for his collection, but wanted to show more of my outfits. So here are the results from my shoot with Mew-Chiel, showing off the entire design. Special thanks to Lara Aimée for the beautiful edits! <3

Observant readers will notice that the designs wear a close resemblance to the dress I showed in my "Bodybinds and other new designs" blogpost. That's because I reworked the original dress into the second dress you can see here. I started on the dress a few years ago, but never quite decided on the details, until I started working on this collection.

The editorial is published in Kirameki Mag, get your copy here.
They misspelled my name again, that's two in a row. Third one buys me a beer!

Silk, wetlook spandex and crocheted lace are the main fabrics used. Boy did I sweat on the silk! It looks so gorgeous when finished, but it was one of the most difficult fabrics I ever worked with, because it's so light and flowy. Cutting a straight line was nearly impossible! Makes me extra happy to see the results! ^_^