Sunday 26 April 2015

Workshop: Venice

Pfew, haven't blogged in a while. Means I'm very busy!

Let me update you on my Venice trip.
I loved Venice. The city and the delegates were lovely and I really enjoyed meeting Zoi and catching up with Faye and Trevor Yerbury. I was modeling for Gordon McGowan this workshop.
Only downside was that we had to get up at sunrise, so we could capture the city without tourists. It was very cold so early in the morning, which unfortunately limited posing possibilities.

Nevertheless, here are a few stunning photos. Haven't received a lot of photos yet, but I have found a few online already.
Photographer: Gordon McGowan
Hair: Faye Yerbury

Photographer: Gordon McGowan
Hair: Faye Yerbury

Photographer: Kitty Cohen
Dress & hair: Faye Yerbury

Monday 6 April 2015

On tour: Chicago

Day 1 (Thursday 19)
A lot of "getting" was done.
Getting up early. Getting on a plane to Chicago, Illinois. Getting from the airport to the hotel. Getting into bed.

Day 2 (Friday 20)
I am very much jet lagged at the moment, so I woke up at 6am local time, which was fine because we had to get to the venue by 8am to prepare for the show on Sunday. The 'Candy Pop' collection will be on the big stage, headlining on Sunday at the "America's Beauty" fair. Lot's of dying, washing and brushing my hair until it looked perfect again. We also had rehearsals today and I must say that the choreography looks smashing!

Day 3 (Saturday 21)
All models have a day off today, so we went shopping. Bought some cool tops and fell in love with Frozen merchandise at the Disney Store. I just might go back there and buy everything Frozen related they have.

Day 4 (Sunday 22)
The day of the big show. It was a stressy day, but we did well. I was so nervous, you wouldn't believe it, but we nailed the choreography and poses on stage.
Lot's of people wanted to take photographs and touch our hair when we walked around on the fair.

After the show and fair, Sara and I had our first shoot in Chicago. Photographer was Dallas Brown, who works mainly with film and polaroids. This was my first real shoot with Polaroids, so it was an exciting experience. Great way to really get this modeling trip started!

Day 5 (Monday 23)
Woke up early again to a snowy Chicago. It's so pretty but so cold!

Today I had to model at a workshop with William De Ridder. In the afternoon Sara and I were supposed to shoot with a local photographer. He messaged us that he had left home for our hotel, but he never showed up. No message so far as to why he stood us up. I hate no-shows!

Day 6 (Tuesday 24)
Last day at the Sheraton Hotel. We slept in and checked out right on time. Went for some more shopping - I bought 3 really cute panties at Victoria's Secret in bright colours. I really need more bright colours in my wardrobe in stead of the usual black.

After a very bumpy taxi drive to our new hostel, we arrived well and settled in our new room.

Day 7 (Wednesday 25) - Day 11 (Sunday 29)
I have a few days off now (thanks to more cancelations, wth is wrong with this place? -_- ) to do some tourist stuff and more shopping. Yay! Always look on the bright side, I guess. :D

Let's start with going to the movies. Cinderella it is! My first time in an American movie theater. It's a little different from what we're used to in Belgium. No subtitles, beautifully decorated theater hall and the system to buy snacks is more complicated.

Because I haven't talked enough about food yet, here are some more food pictures of the FODMAP friendly food I prepared:

Day 12 (Monday 30)
Video shoot time! Stoptime 341 Productions.

Day 13 (Tuesday 31)
We had a shoot with Emspace, that was absolutely amazing. I love the way he uses light to create art.

Day 14 (Wednesday 1)
Time to pack our stuff and fly home! In retrospect, in Europe I never had this many cancelations and flakes in a whole year, as I had here in one week, but had a great time nevertheless. I enjoyed seeing more of the city in stead of working all the time. Bye Bye Chicago! Thank you for giving me a great time!