Wednesday 28 May 2014

Yerbury and Paris Boudoir

I went to Paris last week to shoot with Kitty and Bruno Cohen, and Faye and Trevor Yerbury. We stayed over in Kitty and Bruno's house, which was lovely. Kitty is a very good hostess and the house was beautiful and full of possibilities.

After a short break (me and my husband had been driving all morning), we started with some lingerie shots in the basement studio, which was very interesting because of the beautiful stairway. They also had the entire studio covered in white vinyl, which gives this nice glow.
Photo: Kitty Cohen

Next we tried some underwater photography in the pool. Luckily I had practice because it is not an easy thing. I love this shot! <3 For more, check the Paris Boudoir Photographers' Facebook page.
Photo: Kitty Cohen

I had my haircolour changed to ash blonde the day before, which was perfect for a twenties styling. Faye professionally finger waved my hair and did an excellent job on the make up. Here are al the SFW photos I got so far. Then we went outside and I got to pose with Titi. He wasn't a very patient model, but luckily I had patience for both of us. He is very sweet and beautiful though. ^^
Photo: Trevor Yerbury

We started walking around the garden and bumped into this egg-shaped chair which was very versatile, but not everything we did was SFW. Make sure to check Trevor's Facebook timeline for more ;)
Photo: Kitty Cohen

When we returned to the house, I threw Kitty's silk robe on and curled up on the ice bear pelt on the couch. You'd think that ice bear skin would be softer, but it is quite rough. Kitty had told me that morning that the ice bear used to be in the zoo and died of old age. She got it from the zoo's museum when they no longer needed it. You must admit that it looks beautiful! I love how every shot looks so different but is still the same.
Photo: Faye Yerbury

Photo: Faye Yerbury

Photo: Kitty Cohen 

 Photo: Bruno Cohen

Kitty, thank you so much for inviting me!


Friday 9 May 2014

Paige Addams low key fashion

Helped out Paige Addams with a school assignment. She had to create a low-key fashion shot.