Monday 22 April 2013

Workshop: Splashing Beauty

What a busy week! I have been shooting almost every day, with as highlight the Beauty workshop with Gunther Frans on saturday.

You just have to love them all. It's impossible to say which one is my favorite. They are all so different and still are were made within 6 hours. Make up is done by the lovely Stefanie Grootaers, who is very pregnant at the moment :)

I love how my eyes turned green/grey in this one. It enhances the Nymph effect. I have brown/green eyes, sometimes more amber, sometimes more green, but never this light. 

Well, luckily the water was warm! At first, we weren't convinced of the jewelry, but after the first shot, we saw how great it looked. I managed to keep my eyes open quite well, I surprised myself and the participants. It wasn't always easy though, because I was wearing lashes and they collapsed under the weight of the water. Also, I had some hairspray in my hair that ran down along with the water and it wasn't a nice feeling when that water reached my eyes... Nevertheless, the most fun theme I ever did!

We almost skipped this one due to time-shortage. It was planned as an extra if there was still enough time for one more. But I really wanted to do this. Not bad huh, for a back-up plan... :)

A very important part of being (or trying to be) a successful freelance model is knowing how you profile yourself to the outworld. This can be what you post online or not, but also what others put online about you. For example, I google myself now and then, to see which images show up if someone would try to find me. And sometimes I discover new photos I had never seen before.
Photographer: PhotographYves
From the Beauty Workshop by Gunther Frans

Thursday 4 April 2013

On Stage: Decadance

Photos are in from Ezekiel at Decadance Ghent! What a party and what talented designers!

Julie Vanelderen:

 La Chaton Bottée: