Monday 31 August 2015

High Fashion Latex

A few months back I did a latex shoot with Paige Addams and the results are finally in.

Photographer & MUA: Paige Addams
Pink, latex bodysuit with leopard print: Jacky Villain Latex
Pink, latex stockings: Noire
Black V-harness bra: Pandora Deluxe Latex

Saturday 22 August 2015

On tour: Central EU tour - heatwave edition

My Central EU Tour was perfect!

Day 1: 12 July 2015 
(Brussels - Paris)

Driving from Brussels to Paris.

Day 2: 13 July 2015

Short bridal shoot in a field just outside Paris
Photographer: Kitty Cohen

Day 3: 14 July 2015

Great studio shoot with Bruno Photo. I am SO looking forward to the photos. The light was just amazing. Here is a BOC to show you what I mean.
BOC of Bruno Photo

Day 4: 15 July 2015

Tourist day ^_^
Enjoying a day off in the city center to visit some of my all time favorite places in Paris and have diner at Montmartre.

Day 5: 16 July 2015
(Paris - Stuttgart)

Long drive from Paris to Stuttgart. The weather is so hot, but the landscapes are amazing! Check these farmers at work :)

Day 6: 17 July 2015

Half day shoot with Brian Cann. We shot lots of outfits, I am so happy with the results. Again, really looking forward to the results.

Here are a few BOC's I just randomly picked :)

And a few finished shots ^_^

Day 7: 18 July 2015
(Stuttgart - Zurich)

Short drive to Zurich and enjoying the view so much!

Day 8: 19 July 2015

Shooting with Donerstern today. The shoot almost got canceled because he and his wife were expecting a child and his wife went into labour that morning. After speaking to the midwife, she obligated her husband to go along with our shoot. A little girl was born the day after ^_^

Here's one of the looks we shot. Straight out of the fifties! 
 Photographer: Donerstern

Day 9: 20 July 2015

A day of for long walks in the forest. My lovely girl and I enjoyed our day of so much! Look at her smiling ^_^

Day 10: 21 July 2015
(Zurich - Black Forest)

On my way home but not before a long stop in the Black Forest for an art nude shoot. No photos to share about today yet. The Black Forest is so amazing! Did I mention how much I can appreciate a beautiful landscape?

Day 11: 22 July 2015
(Stuttgart - Brussels)

Time to really go back home. This was one of my best Europe trips so far! I think I will do a similar trip in October. Keep an eye out for the traveling notice ;)

Tuesday 4 August 2015

Candy Girl

New candy coloured editorial starring the stuffed unicorn that is "so fluffy I want to die!" <3

Photographer: Femke Baeke
MUA: Charlotte Blommaert