Monday, 1 June 2015

On tour: London - the wishlist edition

Did a small trip to London last week. Most of it was just vacation and sight-seeing, but I did a few shoots too - of course, because I'm a workaholic like that. :p

Going out in London! I am so proud of the way my make up turned out here, that I really wanted to show you! I guess this is my new favorite selfie. ^_^

I was happy to be able to work with Richard Pryde - who happened to be traveling in Europe - with styling by Linda Friesen Couture. I love this dress so much! We wanted to shoot at the Highgate Cemetery, but apparently that's not allowed. We had to sneak the styling in and only had about 15 minutes before closing time. Nevertheless, this came out of the camera! <3

After talking on the internet regularly and postponing my last trip, Luci Alice and I finally managed to shoot together. Yay! ^_^ We shot some awesome dresses by Pandora Deluxe Latex and a bodysuit by Slaughterhouse Couture combined with a top by Kaori's Latex Dreams. We must have worked hard and fast, because we managed to shoot 4 dresses in 10 different sets, in a total of 4hours, changing secretly in a public place included. I love how each set has it's own unique feel to it and looks nothing like the other sets! Can't show you more than these 4 Back of Camera's, because the rest of them are up for publication. :)

Update can be found here!