Friday 23 March 2018


It seemed like it would never end, but I have reached the last day of my 14 day workspree. When you love your job, it's not a problem to work for days on end without break, but a morning of sleeping in is worth gold too.

For this shoot I woke up early again, with a long drive ahead of me. As with most jobs with Bart, I had no idea what this job would entail. Usually I don't take jobs without knowing the details, but with Bart it is different. We have worked together many times before and every time is a total surprise and great fun. It's a totally different way of working, because his photography is mainly about story telling. He will have envisioned his entire photo beforehand, thinking up crazy sets, adding atmosphere with smoke machines, lights and coloured gels. But the most important part are the models, as they are more actors than models. To my surprise this job included body paint (so there were a few hours of standing still included) and a simple white background (which is very unusual for Bart's work).

For this particular shoot, Bart worked around the story of Morpheus and Iris. My co-model was stage artist Yon Costes. We were posing laying down on a white background with the camera hanging above us. It may not seem like it from my work, but I am physically not very flexible, so this pose was hard for me. On top of that, we had to hold the general pose for quite a long time, adding small variations in hands and expression. After 20min my right arm fell asleep from being in this weird angle for too long. Luckily we had the shot and it looks amazing!
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